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  • How to Fight Someone Faster Than You?

    How to Fight Someone Faster Than You?

    Most of us have probably gotten into such a situation where a bully tries to mess with you. You are arguing with a person and he/she suddenly wants to fight. What do you do? The first reaction you get is obviously to stop arguing and simply walk away. But what if your opponent still wants […] More

  • How to Fight Someone Bigger Than You?

    How to Fight Someone Bigger Than You?

    Remember that time when we used to get beaten up by our seniors in elementary school. Well, we all use to think that once we get older, this bullying is going to stop, but the truth is that thinking is nothing else than false hope. You all will experience the same elementary school bullying at […] More

  • How to Protect Someone in a Fight?

    How to Protect Someone in a Fight?

    You are walking around when you stumble upon person A beating person B. You automatically get the urge to help out person B. How to protect someone in a fight? We have the best answer. The first step is to assess the situation. Do not assume that person A is at fault. Person B might […] More

  • How to Self Defend Yourself in a Fight?

    How to Self Defend Yourself in a Fight?

    ‘I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defence; I call it intelligence.’ – Malcolm X Non-violence is a blessing, but sometimes you need to step up and stand up for yourself. In certain situations, a person needs to defend themselves through words and even actions. When you are in a physical fight, […] More

  • Is Self-Defence Legal?

    Is Self-Defence Legal?

    Isn’t it universally acceptable to feel secure and protect oneself from possible threats? A woman is going to her home after work and a bunch of men stop her vehicle. What should she do in this situation? The men open her car door and forcibly hold her hand. They pull her out of the vehicle […] More

  • Self Defence For Seniors

    Self Defence For Seniors

    Are you a senior citizen? If the answer is a resounding YES then this post is a must-read for you. As you start ageing, the body starts to get weaker, but there is no doubt that you are still a brave-heart. In case you have family members who are ageing, it is wise to teach […] More

  • Self-Defence for Kids to Stop Bullying

    Self-Defence for Kids to Stop Bullying

    Most people think that bullying starts in high school or after you are mature. Well, it is time to change this thinking. A lot of cases have been reported in the year 2019, where kids went into depression due to bullying by their fellow classmates in elementary schools. So, whether your son is studying in […] More

  • Art of Self Defence

    The Art of Self Defence – Your Complete Guide

    ‘Self-defence, self-confidence, discipline and self control. The values you learn are priceless.’ – Rickson Gracie At every juncture of life, you will come across multiple hurdles and irksome bullies. Walking down the road at night with your loved ones is an invitation to trouble. Travelling solo is not free from risks. Living alone in the […] More