How to Fight Someone Bigger Than You?

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Remember that time when we used to get beaten up by our seniors in elementary school. Well, we all use to think that once we get older, this bullying is going to stop, but the truth is that thinking is nothing else than false hope. You all will experience the same elementary school bullying at every stage of life. No matter whether you are in high school, or college, or at your workplace or enjoying a cup of coffee in some restaurant, bullies are always there. So, you need to look out for yourself and learn a few self-defense skills.

Well, of course, fighting people is never a good idea. But sometimes things get out of the hands and so, one should know how to defend themselves in the hour of need. Make sure that you avoid a fight unless it is the last resort because irritating someone bigger than you just for the sake of fun is probably going to cost you a lot more than fun.

Now the question is – how to fight someone bigger than you? If you are looking for the answer then good for you as we have listed a few tips and tricks to help you fight a tall and robust bully.

Use your weakness as your strength

Most people think that smaller size is the most significant disadvantage in a fight. But one can turn the things another way around with few tricks. Make sure that you are alert all the time and do not allow your opponent to grab you. Use your palm to strike at your opponent’s chin.

Try to use your legs actively for throwing strikes at your opponent’s legs. Moreover, if your hands aren’t strong enough, then avoid punching the opponent’s face. But you can always hit his abdomen. But do not give him time to breathe during punching because once he is able to grasp you, it will be easier for him to bring you down.

Target the sensory organs

One of the best tricks while fighting is to hit on the sensitive parts of your opponent’s body. Hitting at such points will bring your opponent down in a few minutes. Only one solid punch at the groin of your opponent is enough to make him give up. You can also punch him on the nose to blind your opponent for a few minutes.

If your foe manages to grab your hands, then target his feet and knees. Learn to kick the groin of your opponent with your feet or by soccer kick trick to take him down in a few seconds. If you do not want to fight and only wants to defend yourself, then you can poke his eyes with your finger to buy time for running.

Attack Joints

Elbow, knees, and ankle joints are the most vulnerable parts of the body. Once you kick your bully with your full strength at one of such places he won’t be able to fight back for minutes. Target ankles or knees when you feel surrounded.

Do not forget to protect yourself

No matter how trained or powerful someone is if he does not know the basics to defend himself, then it is all waste. Keep an eye on every move of your opponent. Do not give him time to think and keep punching. Make sure to move away if he starts clenching his wrists as he is most likely going to punch you.

Keep your hands and elbows straight up to protect your head or face. Do not move your fists away from each other as this will give a chance to your opponent to hit you. Keep your distance from the opponent as once he succeeded in hitting your face, then it will not be difficult for him to bring you down.

Moreover, as you are weaker than your opponent, so it will be wise for you to dodge his hits and not blocking them, a stronger opponent can hurt you by hitting over and over at your guard. So, keep moving all the time and do not give him a moment to think because your energy is your biggest lead in this fight.

In addition, if you do not want to get knocked out, then do not expose your chin and keep it low. Also, your feet must be at a suitable distance from each other to give you enough room to move quickly.

Attack from the back

If you manage to get on the back of your opponent, then use the naked choke method to knock him out. Apply pressure with your arm around his neck for making him lose his consciousness. Do not hesitate to do anything like pulling his hair or pinching his eyes if that’s what it takes to defeat him.

Use their strength against him

A real fighter is the one who knows how to use the power of his enemy to defeat them. One disadvantage of being tall and big is that one needs time to pick himself up after tripping due to one’s large size. So, try your best to make him fall on the ground.

Kick his ankles and knees to get a moment of weakness. Pull your opponent’s legs by taking advantage of that moment. A single throw is enough to incapacitate a strong and tall person. Once you have succeeded in knocking them down, do not let go of this opportunity to defeat them. Give a solid kick to his groin to give your bully a taste of his foul behavior.

Use weapons (if necessary)

If the fight gets rough, then do not hesitate to use surrounding objects like bottles, keys, stick, etc. to win the battle. It is better to play dirty than getting beaten up by someone in the streets.

But only use such items as your last resort. Do not jump over your opponent with a stick or something else at the beginning of the fight.

Do not wait after the fight

Mostly bullies call their groups or other friends after getting beaten up. So it will be wise for you to run as soon as you get a chance or you knock them down. Do not wait there.

Takeaway Advice

Be confident and never let the bully know that you are intimidated by their personality. The person might be bigger than you, but a heavy individual gets tired easily. Make them chase you or use the above-mentioned tips.

Always remember that you are smaller in size, but nobody can touch you without your permission. If they do, you should never stay silent! In case the fight is an avoidable instance, you can step back, but never tolerate violence from a bully. recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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