How to Fight Someone Faster Than You?

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Most of us have probably gotten into such a situation where a bully tries to mess with you. You are arguing with a person and he/she suddenly wants to fight. What do you do? The first reaction you get is obviously to stop arguing and simply walk away. But what if your opponent still wants to fight?

The question is – How to fight someone faster than you?

You are left with no other option than to get into a physical fight. Most of us have good fighting skills and so, we usually do well in fights. But what if your opponent is faster than you? This is where fights get challenging. Stop stressing over the fact as we have the perfect solution for you.
Brace Up For The Fight

During the opening moments of the fight, you need to take a defensive stance. Lean your body back and cover your face and crotch. This ensures that your opponent does not beat you too fast. Additionally, the opponent will start getting tired.

Second, use your weakness to your advantage. Your opponent obviously knows you are slower than him. As such, they will try to throw fast punches at you. This is what you will rely on and use against them. Try to dodge these punches and eventually you will tire them out.

If you are bigger than your opponent, you can try grabbing them and pinning them down. This is a common technique used by professional boxing players. You can then try persuading them to stop fighting. If this does not work, you can throw some few punches to their face which will calm them.

Now that you know how to fight defensively, you can now fight on the offensive. The first step is to throw some fake punches. This will provoke your opponent. This will make them more prone to making stupid mistakes which you can use to your advantage.

Finally, it has been proven that fast opponents are normally weaker on their lower bodies. This means that you should strive to always aim at their legs during fights. This will give you the best chance to win your fights.

This tips will help you now but what about in the future? You need to be prepared for future encounters. Winning a future fight requires being better than your opponent. This can be achieved either by being faster or learning various self-defensive mechanisms.

Learn the Art of Self Defense

Self-defense is a proven advantage in any fight. Research has shown that most police officers have attended at least one self-defense class. It is, therefore, safe to assume that to stay safe, you require to learn some basic self-defense techniques.

Speed Kills: Ways to Become Stronger and Faster For The Next Fight

Self-defense may be important but it is not very effective. The idea is to ‘fight fire with fire’. Be as fast as your opponent. This will even out the playing field giving you a better chance in the fight. Being fast is not just a matter of running quickly ; you need a fit body.

You have probably tried to keep your body fit in the past but you failed. Do not fret over this. We have the best procedure to help you. Follow these simple steps and you will achieve your desired body fitness.

Join a sports team

Trying to exercise alone can be an intimidating task. You have probably tried to before and ended up failing. The trick is having someone who can be a constant motivation. This is easily achieved by joining a team. You can even agree to have consequences for failure to follow the planned exercise routine.

Hitting the gym

The reason your opponent is faster than you is probably that you have not bee exercising. Maybe your busy schedule does not allow you to exercise. Enrolling in a gym nearby allows you to fit exercise into your schedule.

Being on a diet

This does not simply mean reducing the amount of food you eat. You need to avoid foods with high-fat content. Eating a lot of vegetables is also helpful. Do not starve yourself. This will generally bring you health problems.

Hitting the gym and being on a diet is both necessary to control your body fitness. Doing one and neglecting the other will most likely derail your efforts. Make sure you carefully balance the two.

Importance of Callisthenic Exercises

Simply put, this involves using your own bodyweight to exercise. You aim at exercising your large muscles such as the arms and thighs. There are many forms of calisthenics but the most effective is probably running! A good morning run can effectively keep your body fit. Push-ups and press-ups can also do the trick.

For those of you who may not have the time or resources to hit the gym, this is the perfect solution. You do not require to use any gadgets. Additionally, the time required is not much. A thirty-minute routine every day can get you back in shape.

Practicing Straight Punches

General defense does not always guarantee that you will win a fight. You need to learn how to fight. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be like those fighters we see in movies. You just need to have some basic fighting skills. You also need to practice dodging incoming punches.

Learn how to throw a punch and the occasional leg kick. Practice aiming your punches at your opponent’s soft points. These include the face – especially the nose – and the neck. A good punch to the face will leave anyone out of breath.

Concluding Thoughts

Practice makes a man perfect. You don’t have to be a great fighter the moment you start practicing. You will need a lot of practice before you can fully protect yourself. This is a daunting task which requires a lot of patience and persistence. However, once you master these techniques, you will be ready to defend yourself.

Let us finally emphasize that in case you have the option of avoiding the fight or indulging in the fight, choose the former. recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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