How to Fight Someone Shorter Than You?

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Are you tired of the bullies at the college? Is someone trying to harass you and you are looking for a chance to take your revenge? Or do you want to know a few tricks to defend yourself in the hour of need? Well, if you are looking for an answer to the question of how to fight someone shorter than you? Then you are in the right place. You will get all necessary self-defense tricks in this article if your foe is a short heightened person.

Kicking and punching people on roads is never a good idea. But one should always know how to take stand for oneself in the hour of need because one must fight to protect oneself from the bullies or other offenders.

Tall height can be a weakness

The tall stature and muscular body prove a blessing in any fight. But if one does not know how to use this quality wisely, then it will serve as your biggest weakness.

It is easy for a short opponent to make you fall on the ground, which is the main drawback of being heightened. Once your opponent succeeded in bringing you down on the ground by blinding you with constant punches, then it will be challenging to win the fight for a tall heightened person.

If you do not want to trip on the ground, then your legs must be at an angle of 45 degrees from each other. Keep them wide open to have more room for movement. Moreover, the biggest weakness of any male in his groin area, and due to your tall height, it is more exposed to the legs of your short heightened foe. So, make sure that you do not get a hit on that area. Only a single hit in the groin region will be enough to bring you down.

Another disadvantage of being tall is that heavier the weight, the lesser the energy or speed unless you are an athlete or sportsperson. The body of a short heightened person is also very agile, and he can attack you unexpectedly from anywhere. So make sure that you start the fight keeping such things in mind.

Moreover, short people mostly target knee or ankle joints by using single-leg takedowns. So, stay alert to block any such attempt as these joints can buy your foe time to bring you down.

Use your height as your strength

If one knows a few tricks, then he can use his tall height as his biggest strength. For instance, your hands are directly in front of the head of your opponent. So, whenever you see the guard of your opponent going down, take advantage of this situation. Target his ear, nose, or chin to hurt your foe without using much energy.

Moreover, another plus point of being tall is that your arms and legs have a more extended reach. You can kick or punch your opponent without getting too close to him. This will save you from getting harmed. One can easily use one’s arms to push the opponent away or to grab him.

One can also use one’s height as an advantage to lean over one’s opponent or to tire him. Moreover, in most fights, all you need to do is to keep pushing him until he is tired to give you time to prepare yourself for real conflict. The advantage that you get the most is that the center of gravity of your face is higher so your foe will not get a chance to hit your face or head.
Your opponent is most likely going to tire you first before starting the real fight. Do not get fooled by this trick. There is no need to get in the vicinity of your opponent when you can use jabs or roundhouse kicks to win the fight.

Target Sensitive parts

The oldest and the most significant trick in most fights is to target sensitive body parts. Body parts, like the nose, groin region, or joints, are more sensitive than other body parts. If the sole purpose of the fight is self-defense, then this trick is the most common one.

Throw a single solid punch at the nose or groin of your opponent to buy time to run. If your opponent has succeeded in grabbing you by the neck or bringing you down, then poke in the eyes of the competitor to release yourself.

Another advantage of being tall is that one can grab a short heightened person by his neck apply pressure at the carotid artery to knock him out.

Do not give him time to breathe

Maintain your distance from the opponent to wear him out. Once you have accomplished that you can move to the next step which is either throwing double, triple or tetra jabs or crushing him with your body weight.

Make sure that your jabs are powerful enough to wear out your foe. Throw a jab with every backward step at your competitor to prevent yourself from getting harmed in return.
Once your opponent is tired and worn out, you can move forward to knock him out by throwing punches at his face or abdomen.

Play dirty

There is no rule in love and war. So, do whatever it takes to win the fight. If you are getting beaten up then pull your opponent’s hair. You can also use any object in the close vicinity of the fight as a last resort to beat your competitor.
Moreover, if the sole purpose of the fight was self-defense, then run whenever you get a chance to instead of playing the hero.

A rule of thumb

No matter how unprofessional or untrained fighter you are, if you keep your eyes and ears open, you can always win a fight. Although we would recommend you to stay away from fights but use these tactics as a last resort. One can easily beat an active and stronger person by using the above techniques.

Moreover, never tolerate bullies instead prepare yourself to fight them in the hour of need. recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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