How to Fight Someone Stronger Than You?

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Fights can be impulsive and terrifying! The human body is quite delicate and even wrestlers can get hurt or bleed. What are the chances of an average man/woman? The thought is scary, but you need to defend yourself in tense situations. It could be a bully in high school or a creepy man stalking you for days!

When you are in a tense situation, self-defence becomes necessary and fighting is the only option. If it is a wrestling championship or just a bet among co-workers, fighting with a stronger man is still a scary thought for most of the people.

Let’s ask you a simple question – How do you know that a person is stronger than you?

You define a person by their weight and the height. What about a person who is mentally strong? These set of people are the ones who are quite confident and can fight with anyone in the world! They do not care about the size as their will power is stronger than a big or tall man/woman.

Do you watch WWE? There is a saying which goes like this –
“it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

There are deadly wrestlers in WWE who are not big in size, but can give a tough fight to bigger champions. Some of the petite wrestlers include Spike Dudley, Crash Holly, Billy Kidman and The Hurricane. Just because they are smaller in size and do not weight more than 230 pounds does not mean that they cannot throw punches. These are some of the deadly wrestlers in WWE!

Never underestimate their power. This brings us to the next question – How to fight someone stronger than you?

You are in a situation where the bully weighs 50 pounds more than you or is taller than you. You get intimidated but there is a solution to this. Let’s find out through this elaborate post.

Find the Right Target Spot

You are smaller than the opponent/attacker and your instant thought is to kick or punch their belly. Is it going to work? The chances are low because bigger and stronger people have a lot of fat deposit in their belly region.

It is possible that they will hit your belly and you will fly across the room. The best spots to hit are the eyes, nose, groin, throat and even the kidney. Did you know that a person can go down once you hit their ears really hard? The groin is a sensitive area. A kick or holding the groin could cause a lot of pain. Don’t forget that if you are shorter, the stronger and bigger person is at a disadvantage! You can easily grab their groin or hit their eyeballs quickly.

Take Advantage of their Disadvantages

Stronger, taller and bigger people tend to move slowly. They have a lot of weight to carry and that’s precisely what you can take advantage of.

Start running or dancing around them. Since you are faster, they will get tired easily and stop chasing you. If it is a bully in school and has extra weight, you can simply tease them and tire them off.

This is the best way to save yourself! Sometimes, it is best to NOT score points and play smart. Playing smart means using their disadvantage as your advantage.

Stay Vigilant

Do not be absent-minded during the fight. The stronger person could attack you anytime. They will throw a punch and you will be down in no time. If they are approaching you, act fast. It is best to NOT stop their hand from hitting you. Just dodge and stay away from their punches.

Since they are stronger, the punch could be really strong and hard as well. Simply jump from one place to another and learn to dodge.

Focusing on Throat Punches

How about targeting the throat? Punch their throat and run away as fast as you can. This could really hurt and the stronger opponent will wonder what just happened to them!

If you are shorter, this could really work for you.

Staying Far Away from Ground Fights

When you are fighting on a cemented surface, the opponent can knock you down and it will cause serious injuries. Imagine this stronger person dropping you from the air to the cemented ground.
This can hurt a lot and there are chances that your head will get serious injuries. If it is a ground fight, make sure you stay far away from them. A strike to the groin area or poking the eyeballs or scratching them could save you. You can also bite them to save yourself. The bite is a good way to protect oneself because it causes excruciating pain.

Lots of training, my friend

Do not be afraid of receiving a punch! You are in a fight and the mind needs to be prepared for punches and hits. Do not let that dull your spirit! A true winner is someone who does not give up. In case you get hit once or twice, get back up and join the fight.

It is not over till you win!

Final Words

Lastly, it is best to stay away from fights. If the situation demands a physical fight and the opponent is bent on beating you up then you need to protect yourself.

Never get into the fight voluntarily. Talk out of it or simply apologize. If it is a competitive setting then undergo training sessions. You must be ready for the sudden strikes!

Don’t give in too easily and use all the above-mentioned techniques. We have a feeling that you will do well in the arena!

Always remember that a mentally strong person can survive any fight! Don’t let their size intimidate you. They might be bigger in size, but they have certain weaknesses too. Understand their weaknesses and then use it as your advantage.

Stay safe! recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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