How to Fight Someone Taller Than You?

How to Fight Someone Taller Than You?

How do you define a taller person? They could be bigger than you in weight or height. It could be both! Taller people tend to be heavier in weight. This is not because they have a lot of fat deposit, it is because the taller you are, the more you would weigh.

Now the most common question that is asked is – How to fight someone taller than you? You may feel weak and helpless, but there are strategies that you can apply to fight the taller person.
The tall person tries to intimidate you and thinks that you do not have a chance to win in this situation. You can prove this person wrong! How? Let us take a look at the ways you can fight this tall person. Let us skim through it.

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Tall

Just because the person is tall does not mean that you will lose the fight. You need to understand the assets and disadvantages of this person. Everyone has their weaknesses and you need to play smart!

The advantages and disadvantages that we have listed below are related to a fight scenario.

The advantages are the following:

  • You can intimidate anyone who is shorter than you. Majority of the people get scared to see your large personality! You are tall and the instant thought is that this person will bury me in the ground. Nobody messes with you because you are too tall.
  • Being tall means have a longer reach. Your legs and arms are long which means you can grab the opponent and fight easily. In fact you can throw him/her in the air with your long arms.

The Disadvantages

  • If the tall person is heavy, they will get tired easily. Usually taller and bigger people expend all their energy at the beginning of the fight. Move swiftly and tire them off. Once they get tired, they will not chase you and you would easily win the fight.
  • Tall person cannot move as quickly. If they are fighting with a short person, the opponent can easily slide from beneath the tall man/woman.
  • Taller people can get bad injuries. When they fall from a height, they will go further ahead and the overall impact will be much higher.

Once you keep all these advantages and disadvantages in your mind, the fight will become easier and smarter. Firstly, you need to get rid of the fearful thought that a tall person is stronger than you. This is not true because they could be physically weak. Their personality may be intimidating but they cannot be stronger than you.

Ways to Fight a Taller Person

Let’s get started with the techniques and strategies. Since you are reading this post, we understand that you may be experiencing a situation where a taller person is bullying you. It is possible that you have a wrestling match in your office or the neighbourhood.

These tips will prepare you for the big fight!

  • If the tall person has pledged to harm you, it is best to do dirty fighting. In case they grab you and do not let you go, poke them in the eyes or elbow out. You can also bite them hard enough so that they let you go. Once you start playing nasty, they will understand that you are not giving up easily. Do not give them the idea that they are more powerful than you. You should exude confidence at all times!
  • Being shorter has a major benefit! You can move swiftly and slide from underneath the opponent. The taller people may have a long reach but you are short and fast. If they are on top of you, just slide and find your way out.
  • If the person is tall, they are heavier in weight as well. Circle around the opponent and make them run after you. This will tire them off easily and there will be no power left to fight. Rather than being macho, you should play smart and use their disadvantage as your advantage.
  • How about upsetting the opponent? You can hug their lower waist and hold this position for some time. This way they will try to get out of this position.
  • Conserve the energy and throw straight punches. If you are good at kicking, make sure these are straight. Another strategy is to stay far away from the opponent. Straight punches are beneficial! If you feel that the opponent is outraged, get them tired and then show them your moves.
  • Dodge the strikes and do not try to block the punch. Never try to stop the attacks from coming. Simply dodge and miss the punch. It is called slipping punches and this is a great way to avoid the hits. Also, you do not have to expend a lot of energy while dodging.
  • Do not get conscious to make the first move. Surprise attacks come as a shock to the opponent. A blow to their jaw or the arm can build up the heat. You never know that your one blow could knock the opponent’s sock off!

Takeaway Advice

If it is a wrestling championship, you have no way to get out of the situation. However, if the person is bullying you and fighting is the only option then you need to defend yourself. The tall person has a longer reach which means you should maintain a distance between you and him.

Do not let them catch you. If they are coming towards you, move swiftly to the other side. The idea is to get them tired so that they start panting.

Lastly, do not get scared because taller people have their own weaknesses. If a person is bullying you on the road or wrestling with you for money, just be confident and give your best. Use your short height to move fast and throw straight punches. In case you get an opportunity to tip them over then grab it with both the hands.

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