How to Fight Someone with Long Reach?

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We all grew up being told that fighting was bad. Some parents even ban their children from going to watch professional boxing matches. We grow up without knowing any real fighting skills. Most people only know some basic skills that they saw in movies.

This is why a lot of people get robbed and beaten up by street goons. These goons – unlike us – have practiced a lot of fighting skills and that’s why they are not afraid to get into fights.

Maybe you or a close friend of yours got mugged. While this is very sad, we can learn a thing or two from such incidents. In order to protect ourselves, we need to learn some fighting skills.

Once you can defend yourself, you will be able to fight anyone. You can fight all kinds of people – the tall ones, big ones, and those with long reach. The latter can be a big challenge since they can throw long punches.

A lot of bullies in school are usually the big kids. This is because they have a longer reach and it gets hard to get close enough to them to seriously hurt them.

It seems that people with a long reach are perfect in fighting. So what do you do when you find yourself up against them? How to fight someone with long reach? These could be taller and bigger people. We have a proven solution.

The problem with fights is that they are unexpected. They can happen anywhere – in school, at home and even in church. All it takes is for an argument to become really intense and people will start fighting. You therefore need to always be prepared.

Use weapons to win

Fights at home are not scary for you since you can use anything as a weapon. Weapons are especially useful when fighting someone with long reach. You can throw objects at him and seriously hurt him. Always aim for the face since it will hurt a lot.
Avoid using sharp objects such as knives as this can cause them some serious health issues. Generally, avoid using methods that may cause permanent damage when fighting. This includes twisting their arms too much or breaking their legs.

Use your body

What happens when you don’t have any weapons with you? You will have to use your own body. This is where most people fail.

They rush and try to use a move they saw in a movie and end up failing miserably. Though some of these moves might work, you need to have had enough practice in them. Most people hardly practice these moves. They assume that they are easy to do. This is why they mess up during fights.

Avoid using complicated moves

Fighting a person with long arms requires you be smart. If you make any mistake, they will get an opening and punch you. You are more prone to making a mistake when doing complicated moves. Therefore, stick to the basics.

Protect yourself

Protect your delicate body parts. Your opponent will try to end the fight quickly by aiming at your face. Place your fists in front of your face. This will prevent getting punched especially on the nose. This can be really painful . That is why most people aim for it.

Avoid being upright as this will benefit your opponent. Try leaning a little to set your face lower than your opponents fists.

Try getting as close to your opponent. Do this only if there’s an opening and you don’t risk getting seriously hurt. You can try a bear hug by holding them tightly to prevent them from moving. This can give you time to talk them into stopping the fight.

If this doesn’t work, you can try tripping them and pinning them down. Hold their arms at the back. This usually hurts a lot.

Whenever you can try to use the quick escape technique. While it may seem cowardly, running away can be really effective.

Be prepared

You can have an even better chance of beating them if you were prepared. Do this by learning martial arts or joining a self defence class. Once you learn these two, you will be confident enough in any fight.

It will also help you restrain yourself from getting into fights. You have probably heard that not fighting is the best way to not getting beaten up in a fight. You should always try to talk it out before getting into fights.

However, you opponent is usually too angry to listen to you during a fight. They will instantly attack you giving you no time to convince them on anything. This is where martial arts comes in. It helps you dodge your opponent in the opening moments of the fight. This will give you ample time. If this doesn’t work, you can always be confident that you can protect yourself.

Learn defence

Knowing how to protect yourself in a fight is the most effective way to avoid getting harmed in any fight. You can be the best fighter but if your opponent has well learned self defence skills, you will have a hard time beating them.

Self defence

If you have ever been in a conference for elderly people, you know they are taught a lot about self defence skills. This just shows how effective it is. If perfectly learned, anyone can use it.

Join a class

Most people go to YouTube whenever they want to learn anything. When it comes to learning defence skills, you need immediate feedback. You cannot get this from YouTube.

This is why you need to enroll for a class. It may be expensive but it will be worth it eventually.

Being in a self defence class will give you access to instructors as well as people who you can train with. This shall give you a real-world experience.

You can even decide to practice with a person with long reach so you learn their weaknesses.

Closing remarks

Be smart! If you are arguing with someone and they start getting angry, lower your voice and try calming them down. This will prevent any fights.

Prevention is better than getting hurt during a fight. If someone is taller and bigger than you, simply avoid messing with them. If you can prevent the fight, you will save your own life. recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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