How to Protect Someone in a Fight?

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You are walking around when you stumble upon person A beating person B. You automatically get the urge to help out person B. How to protect someone in a fight? We have the best answer.

The first step is to assess the situation. Do not assume that person A is at fault. Person B might just as well be the villain. If you misjudge the situation, you will only make matters worse. Do not take sides too quickly as this will lead to one party feeling discriminated against.

Talk it out

Try talking to them. They may just be angry. Soft and soothing words may just calm them down. Words may not always work but it is always good to try.

Focus on telling them about the negative consequences of fighting.

Remind them that fighting may lead to serious injuries and even death. This may help them check their actions and avoid the ones that they may regret later.

Remember that they probably have a lot of adrenaline in their system. You, therefore, need to calm them down to cut the effects of adrenaline.

Take a firm stance. This allows them to understand that you can fight so they are afraid of you and can listen to you. However, be careful when doing this because they might feel threatened and turn on you.

Keep Talking To Them

This will help you figure out what the fight is all about. Afterwards, try to convince one party to apologize – even if they are not at fault. Nobody loses the war by apologizing. Forgiveness and accepting mistakes is not harmful or bad. It is the deed of a kind and wise man. Apologizing during arguments is a proven way to calm people down.

What if talking does not work?

So you have failed in convincing person A to stop beating person B. What do you do know? Person A is obviously the guilty party. You are left with only one option – to protect person B.

How do you protect person B in a fight?

If all other reconciliation techniques have failed, you will have to fight person A. If you are forced to join the fight, you need to protect yourself.

Two scenarios arise in this situation. One, you are qualified in martial arts and self-defense skills or two, you have no training in self-defense. If the former is true, you will have an easy time defeating person A.

Most of you, however, probably do not have any training in martial arts or any self-defense techniques. Fortunately, we have the best procedure to help you improve. This will help you pin down person A or give person B time to escape.

How to improve and win

The trick here is to adopt a defensive stance. Real-world fights are usually fast. You therefore need to avoid being taken down too quickly. Always protect your face by placing your fists in front of it.

Try surprising them. This will confuse them and give you a chance to attack them. If you are bigger than them, you can try grabbing them in a bear-hug or pinning them down. This will most likely give them time to think and calm them down.

If you are smaller, you can use your faster speed to your advantage. Duck the punches they throw. Throw fast punches which will be hard to avoid. However, avoid using too much energy while since this may tire you out. Additionally, avoid unnecessary movements such as jumping up and down which may tire you out.

Sometimes helping person B on your own does not always work. You need to seek help from people near you. The best way is to draw their attention by making noises. Once people are looking at you, the attacker will most likely feel intimidated and run away.

What if there are more than one attackers?

The best option here is to distract them and convince person B to run away. This may seem like a cowardly move but it will keep them safe.

If this fails, single out one person from the opponents. Attack this person alone. This will make your opponents confused and maybe even scared at your courage.

The best defense is OFFENSE

Surprise your opponent by running up to them and throwing punches and kicks continuously. Aim your attack towards their delicate body parts. This usually causes them a lot of pain. Make sure you use a lot of force when attacking. This will increase the chances of harming your opponent.

A soft punch to the eyes will most likely leave your opponent seething in pain. A big slap to his ears will unbalance them for a few seconds while a punch to their stomach will leave them out of breath.

Do not try to imitate the fight scenes you see in movies. Use every weapon at your disposal. This includes biting and scratching your opponent. This leaves them disoriented and in pain. It allows you to have control of the situation.

Always face your opponent. This way you will be able to defend yourself. Attacks from behind are difficult to counter since one cannot see the attacker. Placing your back against the wall can greatly help especially when you are outnumbered.

Be prepared

Trying to improve in every situation may not always work. You need to be ready for such encounters. This involves joining a martial arts or self-defense class. This will help you obtain the necessary fighting skills.

Practice throwing punches. Most fights usually end through a few well-thrown punches. You should therefore make sure to aim your punches perfectly.

Avoid hard kicks to the neck. This could kill someone or leave them permanently disabled. Generally, avoid actions that may lead to serious consequences unless you absolutely must. This is why we do not advise you to use weapons such as knives and guns in fights.

Final words

It essential that we emphasize the need to avoid fighting at all cost. Wherever possible, try to apply other conflict resolution techniques to stop the fight.

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