How to Self Defend Yourself in a Fight?

How to Self Defend Yourself in a Fight?

‘I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defence; I call it intelligence.’ – Malcolm X

Non-violence is a blessing, but sometimes you need to step up and stand up for yourself. In certain situations, a person needs to defend themselves through words and even actions. When you are in a physical fight, you must know about all the self defence techniques that can protect you from serious injuries.

The question is – How to self defend yourself in a fight? Let us say there is a tense situation and person B and C is coming to beat you up. Nobody likes the idea of getting beaten by people and going back home with bruises.

Here is an elaborate post that talks about the ways to self defend in a fight.

What is self defence?

There are two ways to look at self defence. One is the armed self defence and the other is unarmed. In the armed self defence method, the individual can use baton, knives, pepper spray or a taser. If you not have access to these self-defence armed weapons then you can opt for everyday objects such as newspaper, baseball or cricket bat and even a frying pan.

When a person is in any form of danger and want to defend themselves, they may not have immediate access to a pepper spray or a knife. This brings us to an important point that you must be prepared for tense situations. Fights can happen anytime and anywhere!

As for the unarmed self defence techniques, martial arts teaches us the art of protecting ourselves from knife or gun attacks. It teaches us to become vigilant and prepares us for the worse situation. It is a possibility that Person A is with a gun or a knife and you are unarmed. How would you defend yourself? Martial Arts will teach you the art of defending self.

This brings us to the next question – Is learning self defence important?

Is it necessary to learn the basics of self defence?

In today’s world, you will find that many people have opened a self defence institute. This is where both men, women and children learn how to defend themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should opt for it.

  • It helps in building confidence
  • You become street smart and aware of your surroundings
  • It transforms you into a warrior
  • Learning self defence can make you self-disciplined as well.
  • You will learn to respect yourself
  • It has a positive effect on your life.

Not knowing self defence and letting other people hit you hard is a sign that you do not respect yourself. Being fearful is not the solution! When kids get into tense situations and are bullied in school, they end up crying and becoming antisocial. It makes them nervous and they go through the feeling of anxiety and depression.

When you learn self-defence, you feel better about yourself and beam with confidence!

Ways to Self Defend Yourself in a Fight

Firstly, you need to look at the severity of the situation. Let us say that a mob of 8 attackers have surrounded you. If you are alone, self defencse becomes risky. In such cases, you can handle the situation by talking it out. Words do not have a lot of power in such situations, but you can try being reasonable. In case it is a mob then do not argue and give up the money you have.

Another situation is when you are with a colleague, stranger or a family member. Your first reaction should be to lower down your voice. Avoid the need to score points and tell them about how you do not want to fight.

If the person has made up his/her mind to get into a physical fight, do not give up and know your boundaries. The person might be big in size and you may be petite but both of you have strengths and weaknesses. A bigger person might be able to punch hard, but they may not be as fast as you.

In case they hit you hard, focus on hitting under their nose or the ribs. These are the places where it hurts the most. Try to trip them over so that they take time to get up.

Note – Violence is never the solution! Always try to stay calm and talk things out. Never try to score points with a person who does not understand the situation. You can simply walk away!

In case the fight starts, be cautious to not harm the other person to an extent that they reach the hospital. If they are beating you too hard, try to dodge and save yourself from the punch.
Important – If the attacker is trying to choke you, grab one of their arms and try to push them to the wall or the other side. Once you get breathing space, run as fast as you can. In case you are not able to run, take the arm of the attacker and twist it backwards. This hurts a lot! You need to be sure that you are not dislocating the arm.

Takeaway Advice

If you are tired of fighting, try to find a way to wriggle out and use the backdoor escape. Try not to get into a headlock because it gets difficult to get out of it. A headlock can be deadly because it limits the supply of air or blood. Just grab their hand or place your head near their chest.

As soon as you get the opportunity, step on the attacker’s foot as this will cause a lot of pain. Pinching the other person or biting their arm are two other ways to cause pain.

Being smart in a physical fight is extremely important! Use your arms to protect your face and keep them away from your body.

Self defence is important! Don’t just give up in a fight and try as hard as you can. Just because you are petite or smaller than the attacker does not mean you are weak. Use your light body to move swiftly and wriggle from under the attacker’s body.

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