Self-Defence for Kids to Stop Bullying

Self-Defence for Kids to Stop Bullying

Most people think that bullying starts in high school or after you are mature. Well, it is time to change this thinking. A lot of cases have been reported in the year 2019, where kids went into depression due to bullying by their fellow classmates in elementary schools. So, whether your son is studying in elementary school or he is doing a job in some multinational company, bullies are always there.

You need to prepare your child for the worse situation, but they need to be smart in this case. Bullying has to stop! It damages the child’s self-confidence and many undergo depression at an early age.

Is your kid facing the same problems of bullying in school? Are of tired of hearing the cries of your son due to bullying? Do you want to teach him some self-defence tactics to help him cope with such bullies? Well, then you are in the right place. We have summed up some up an article on self-defence for kids to stop bullying.

What is self-defence?

Self-defence means to protect oneself or take a stand for oneself when it is necessary. It allows a person to use force in the hour of need to defend oneself. Well, if your kid is facing continuous bullying or tolerating the rough attitude of his fellow students, then it is time to put a break to this attitude and act.

The longer you tolerate, the more you will face. So, it is crucial to answering such bullies once and for all. No parent wants their kid to get beaten up by fellow students. So, there are certain things that one must teach their kids to prevent them from getting targeted by bullies.

Befriend your kid

Many kids are facing bullying at the schools, but their parents are unaware. They are so much involved in their jobs that they forget to keep a check on their kids. The result is depression and lack of confidence in such kids.

If you do not want this to happen to your son, then get involved in his life. Gain his trust and make him tell you stuff that is happening in their lives. Moreover, prepare them to cope with such bullies beforehand.

Confident Tone

The first step to keep bullies away is to use a confident body language. Bullies only target those kids that seem like an easy target and those who already have some inferiority complex. Well, make sure that you make him confident about himself.

A confident body language is also essential. Tell them how to walk with straight shoulders and focused eyes. Work on their talking style too. If the bullies are only in the initial stage and not harming your kid’s ego, then your kid must not pay attention to whatever they are saying. Showing an indifferent attitude to bullies will help. He should act like they do not exist, or he is not at all affected by whatever they are saying.

Moreover, take them to crowded places, make them meet new people, and get involved with others to wipe away their hesitation. Participating in different speech or quiz competition also helps them in gaining confidence.

Stand up for yourself

In most cases, using a strong voice to fear them away works because bullies try to target a weak person. And displaying courage and calling out to them gives a good impression about you. Teach your kids to reply in an assertive tone to bullies so that it may come handy in the hour of need.

In some cases, it becomes important to answer the bullies as walking away reflects your fear towards the bullies. Even if the bullies cross their limit and start using force, your kid must be ready to fight them. In order to cope with extreme cases of bullying, teach your kids some basic self-defence tips.

If maintaining an indifferent attitude does not work, then reply to the bully in their language. But go for this option only when things are getting out of hands.

Do not Cry/Appear Weak In Front of the Bully

Never cry in front of your bullies; otherwise, they will have the impression that you are a coward and easy target. But, if your bully is threatening or harming you physically and you are not strong enough to fight him, then it is wise to scream or shout for help.

Talk to the parents of the bully

Well, another thing that you can do when things get out of hands is to contact the parents of the bully yourself. This has to stop and you can put an end to it. No matter what how big or bossy the bully is, parents can put an end to the behavioral disorder. Explain to them about the behavior of his kid at school towards other students. Most parents take such things seriously and rebuke such activities.

Report to the School Administration

Due to the increasing cases of bullying, the educational institutions are taking various steps to remove this problem from the roots. You should complain to the school administration about the bad behavior of students. This will most likely help to solve your problem.

Self-defence tactics

If none of the above tricks work then teach some basic tactics to your kid to fight for themselves in the difficult times. He must know some pressure points that can buy him time to run away or to get help. Although fighting in school or streets should never be encouraged, but in some times it is important for your child safety.

The best trick to defeat your bully is to punch him on the pressure point. The pressure points of the body include the groin, armpits, ankles, and other joints in the body. A single kick in the groin region is enough to stop him from ever torturing your kid.

If your kid is not strong enough to fight, then he should stick with blocking his face and try to wear out his opponent. Once his opponent gets tired, it will be easy for him to bring him down. Target knees or ankles joints to knock him out. Once you have succeeded in defeating him, then run away.

What did YOU learn from this post?

Well, the number of cases related to bullying are increasing day by day. So, it is necessary to take a step to wipe away this disease from our society. Teach your kid the skills to avoid bullying in the first place. Learning to fight their own battles is necessary. This does not mean that you should teach them to be violent! If you are doing this, then you are raising another bully in the society.

Secondly, try to solve things by talking with bully’s parents or the kids to sort things out between them but when thing go out of hands then teach your kid how to fight his bully to teach him a much-needed lesson. recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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