Self Defence For Seniors

Self Defence For Seniors

Are you a senior citizen? If the answer is a resounding YES then this post is a must-read for you. As you start ageing, the body starts to get weaker, but there is no doubt that you are still a brave-heart. In case you have family members who are ageing, it is wise to teach them the art of self defence.

There is just one thing you need to know – everyone deserves to feel secure. Regardless of your gender, age, and social status, security is meant for everyone. People are always eyeing on seniors because the common thought is that old people are weaker and slower.

When we talk about self defence for seniors, the concept deals with the art of not being fearful or appearing as the scared one. Not everyone in this world has the money to hire bodyguards and the elderly might not prance around the city with help at all times.

Accidents can happen and thieves could break into your home any time of the day. When we think of the word ‘old’, our instant thought is that the person is physically weak. Thieves take advantage of this and can enter your home or steal your purse in the daylight.

The question is – How do you protect yourself from the burglars, thieves and people who try to take advantage of your old age? Here is a post that talks about self defence for seniors and why it is important in today’s world.

Why is self defence for seniors necessary?

In today’s world, innocence and goodness has gone for a toss. There was a time when the early man would hunt for food and there was no concept of cash and private ownership. In order to survive in this world, people need money because everything has a price tag.

Functionalists may believe that the presence of crime balances our society. However, criminals can become nasty and a threat to several lives. There are many cases where an old couple live alone in a house and the thief starts believing that their home is an easy target.

In such cases, self defence becomes necessary because you are alone and have to protect your home and the belongings. Most importantly, you need to protect your own life. A crime scene can happen anywhere in this world. You may be in any part of the world, but criminals are always eyeing on older people.

You would notice that younger people and even children of these elderly parents can become violent. It happens in many families across the globe. What happens when your own child tries to hit you? Even in these cases, you need to defend yourself. Protecting your own life and self respect is bigger than anything else.

Another scenario we can think of is the following –

An elderly man and his niece/nephew are going for a walk in the dark. A bunch of drunk men surround you and try to kidnap the child. What would you in such a scenario?

It is pitch dark and you cannot call out for help. Protecting the child is your responsibility, and you cannot give up. The drunkards are coming towards you to push you away, but you muster up the courage and fight.

How? Your mind is thinking of all the possibilities, but you are stuck on the thought that you are old and weak. Let’s find out the self defence techniques for seniors.

What are the best self defence techniques for seniors?

  • Stay away from trouble – In the last scenario, the old man went out for a walk with his niece/nephew. You can avoid going out in the dark. It is not about being fearful because at the end of the day, you need to stay safe. By avoiding tense situations, you will be free from the need to self defend yourself. The senior should have thought that it is getting late and he should not be going out. When the senior has the responsibility of a young child, they can simply think of the ways to keep the child safe.
  • Do not walk in the park like you are scared. It is all about the body language! If you appear to be scared or pensive then the criminals will make you their target. Exuding confidence is one way to protect yourself from unnecessary and lethal crime scenes. Avoiding eye contact with strangers or peculiar looking people is another way to not attract attention.
  • Never carry expensive objects in your hand. If you are stepping out without any help or body guard, it is best to dress up simple and not attract unwanted attention. Keep the valuables behind! Criminals will only target those who wear flashy jewelry or look wealthy. In fact, do not count the cash in an ATM. Keep the cash and card in the wallet or bag and count it once you are home. Many criminals lurk around busy streets near the ATM. This is their favorite spot to mug people and steal cash.
  • Being aware of your surroundings is important. Whenever you step out for a walk or to the store, scan the surrounding and notice if someone is staring at you or keeping a watch. You have many years of experience and can understand when people keep a watch on you.
  • Never be submissive and give up all the cash in one go. If a man/woman stops you on the road and tells you that they want money, walk away or say, ”I cannot help you.” Criminals usually target people who appear submissive. Being assertive is necessary. In case the criminal has weapons such as knife or gun, it is best to give what you have. In this case, it is best to protect yourself and stay out of trouble.
  • Join a Martial Arts class. You may have classes for senior citizens in your area. Google it up and join the class soon. This will teach you all the ways to defend yourself in tense situations.

As we mentioned, you must never visit an unfamiliar place without help. Stepping out in the dark is fine as long as you are with your family or caretakers.

Self defence for seniors is as important as self defence for women and children. Protect yourself as each life is valuable. recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!