The Art of Self Defence – Your Complete Guide

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‘Self-defence, self-confidence, discipline and self control. The values you learn are priceless.’ – Rickson Gracie

At every juncture of life, you will come across multiple hurdles and irksome bullies. Walking down the road at night with your loved ones is an invitation to trouble. Travelling solo is not free from risks. Living alone in the big city can be scary. Does that mean we should sit at home with fearful thoughts? The answer is a resounding NO!

If someone is ready to attack you physically, then you should be prepared for it. Living with fear in your mind will take away the real pleasures of life. How about learning the art of self-defence? It isn’t true that for self-defence, you need to learn martial arts. Although it will be wise to learn it so that you can knock down any criminal or abuser on the road.

No matter what your age, gender and social position is, everyone deserves security. Life is too short to live with fears! Here’s an elaborate post that talks about the art of self-defence – your complete guide. This is a detailed guide for beginners who want to be more vigilant and prepared to face any trouble.

Staying Far Away From Trouble

Prevention is the best form of self-defence. You may have heard this line from several people. Even experts would suggest you to stay far away from trouble. Violence is never appreciated, but there are times when self-defence is necessary. Especially in scenarios where a person tries to sexually assault you at the workplace or on the road.

The attackers are on the prowl for vulnerable targets and YOU should NOT be the one. It is best to avoid such situations where you become the easy target. For example, you should always notice your surroundings. If you feel that it is an unsafe area, do not step out at night.

If you are reaching home, keep your house keys ready to open the door. Never play with the keys while walking towards the door or wait for reaching home. During the process of finding your keys in the purse, the attacker might just grab you and take all your money.

In case you get in a heated argument with a person, try to calm them down. Never be the first one to argue or try to score points. Ask yourself this simple question – Will you win a prize by fighting with person B? Try to avoid conflicts at the first place.

Avoiding isolated routes is another way to protect yourself. In a nutshell, you should avoid tense situations at all cost. This will keep you far away from trouble!

Ways to Defend Yourself

Now let us look at the self-defence techniques that are helpful.

  • Once the attacker starts fighting or touches you, tell them to back off. When you say these words, be loud and clear. This tells the attacker that you are not an easy target! If you appear weak and feeble, they will take you for a ride and beat you up.
  • Once the fight has started, you need to focus on the soft targets. Which are the body parts that hurt the most? You can target the nose, groin, neck, legs, knees and the eyes. By hitting the pressure points, you are targeting the attacker before they have full control over you. Do not let them take advantage of you! Hit them at the right spots so that they do not mess with you any further.
  • You can poke the eyes and scratch them with your hands. This will blind them and you can easily run away from them.
  • A straight punch on the nose. Make it hard and assertive! It might even start bleeding, but you are trying to protect yourself. You can even use your elbow to hit the nose.
  • Kick the knees or straight to the groin to cause immense pain. You may have seen it in movies and even in wrestling championships. These are soft spots where it hurts the most. It will cause a lot of pain and the attacker might just give up. Run as fast as you can after hitting the attacker!

Using Self-Defence Weapons for Safety

Always know that you should never be the trouble-maker! If they start fighting or attacking you physically, use everyday object to fight them. You can keep a pepper spray in your bag to blind the attacker. These days there are tactical knifes that are discreet. Everyday combs could have a hidden knife inside.

If you do not have access to a retractable baton or a sharp object, use your car or home keys to hit the attacker’s eyes. In case the attacker is on top of you, use the mud or sand to blind them. If you have a glass bottle nearby, break it on their head and run away.

These objects should be used in tense situations such as coming across criminals or rapists. If it is a friend or a family member, avoid using objects that can take their life.

In fact, you can use your perfume to blind the attacker. Just spray it on their eyes and run away. It will take time for them to start seeing clearly. In case you want more inspiration, watch Charlie’s Angels or Jackie Chan flicks.

Use Your Weight and Height To Your Advantage

Just because the attacker is bigger in size does not mean that you cannot fight them. Who gives them the power to take advantage of you? It is YOU!

If you are short or lightweight, you have a big advantage as you can move fast. In case the person is bigger in size, you can move in circles and tire them off. Bigger people cannot run a lot and get tired easily.

Make them chase you and do not go near them. You can simply slide away from underneath the bigger person. Being lightweight or short is an advantage. Hide in a small cave or under the table because that is not easily accessible by bigger people.

Takeaway Advice

You are not weak! You are not a victim. You need to tell these things to yourself each day. Why should you hide under a shell? There are great things to do in life and one should be fearless. If you or your loved ones are in danger, learn to defend yourself and protect the loved ones.

The attacker knows that you are mentally weak and they will take advantage of that. Stand up tall and fight them! Let them know that you are not going to be the victim or a silent witness. recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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