The Best Self Defense Weapons for Women

The Best Self Defense Weapons for Women recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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“Never underestimate a kick to the groin.”
― Bas Rutten

Women have the power to shine in multiple ways! You may build her a dreamy house, but she makes it a home. You can give her the most beautiful flowers each day, but she will keep a real flower in her for 9 months. God created women to add beauty to the planet, but sadly, there are people who do not respect her.

Domestic violence and rape have become common in most of the countries. It is a stereotypical thought that a woman is physically weaker than a man. What makes men think that it gives them the right to abuse her sexually and mentally? The world needs a change of thought process and heart. What do you need? You, as a woman, need courage and a few weapons in your purse.

Considering a woman keeps the world in her fancy handbag, she can carry few weapons for self defense.

Here is an elaborate yet informative post about the best self defense weapons for women. Before you skim through the list of the weapons, understand the need for self defense for women.

Why is Self Defense Important for Women?

The world is imperfect and there are many instances where women are sexually abused. Sometimes we feel that prostitution is not a taboo or an immoral profession. If men have sexual desires, they could very well go to a woman who needs the money to support her family and even her daily needs.

Rape and sexual abuse are uncanny and prostitution should become legit in all the countries of the world. This brings us back to the question – Why is self defense important for women?

Scenario 1: You are walking down the street and it is 10 PM of the night. Streetlights are going on and off and there is no sign of human beings residing there. Suddenly, a man holds your hand and he pulls you towards a lush jungle.

It is not about the clothing you are wearing or how beautiful you are! There are men, who can indulge in crimes such as rape just to satisfy their hunger for sex.

Scenario 2: You married the love of your life and he promised to take you to the moon. Well, there are people who promise to give you everything but the harsh reality become crystal clear after the big fat wedding.

You realize that the man is loving, but his family beats you up. His uncle tries to feel you up in the kitchen or the mother-in-law twists your arm for not doing the dishes. Anything can happen! We are not living in a fairytale land and such situations are fairly common.

There are many other instances that require self defense. In Scenario 1, the man might be big and strong and that’s when you need a weapon. If there are no cops around and it is an empty space, you need to have some weapons in your bag or the shoes to defend yourself.

The Best Weapons to Defend Yourself (For Women)

Owning a gun is not the solution. If you are not trained to handle a gun, it will be of no use. There are many weapons that are readily available. Also, you need a license to own the gun. For self defense, you need something handy and readily available.

  • Pepper Spray – Every girl needs to carry a pepper spray. This is readily available in pharmacy stores and even online stores. You can buy it and keep it in the handbag. If you sense danger, take the pepper spray out and attack the rapist/abuser! You can blind the attacker with this spray and to be honest, a pepper spray could make the eye sting!
  • Tactical Knife – Investing in a tactical knife will be a good decision. These have the military features and are used in tense or serious situations. It is designed for quick and hard use. Since it is portable, it will fit into your pocket or keep it inside the bag. The good news is that there are discreet tactical knives available in the market. The knife could be hidden inside a comb or even a lipstick.
  • Stun Gun – What if we told you that you could scare the attacker with your lipstick? Funny, right? The attacker may laugh at you, but there are lipsticks that can give a shock to people. With 3 million watts shock, the attacker will go down in no time. They will remember your lipstick forever! This product can be found at online stores. Google tells you everything!
  • Flashlight – Blinding the attacker is easy with a flashlight or a pepper spray. Use a lipstick stun gun with a flashlight or invest in a flashlight. When the attacker is on top of you, use the light to blind him.
  • Retractable batons – These batons are easy to carry in the metro or even a scooter. Keep it inside your handbag and use it when the attacker is coming towards you. However, the attacker could snatch it away. The best way to use it is to hit the attacker fast and drop the baton. Run away as soon as you hit him so that when he gains consciousness, you will reach your home or a safe place.
  • Tactical pens – Another portable and efficient weapon is the tactical pen. It will work like a normal pen but in tense situations, it will shows its true colors. A sharp object is installed within this pen. You can take out the cap and attack the abuser. Insert the sharp object in their flesh and run away. It is as effective as a sharp knife.

Using Panic Applications

There are panic applications on the mobile device. Once you use the panic application, the cops will find you and help out. However, this application may be available in few countries. Additionally, incidents happen so quickly that you need to act fast rather than waiting for someone to rescue you.

If everything else fails, a kick on the groin would do the trick. Kicking the penis is the most painful act and it works better than a punch.

So, carry the weapons with you and always stay safe! Tense and dangerous situations can arise anytime and you must be on your guard! recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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