Your Guide to Pressure Points for Self-Defence

Your Guide to Pressure Points for Self-Defence

What are the main pressure parts in the human body? Do you know about these points, so that you can defend yourself from others when you are in severe problem or broke up in a fight? There are certain things that you need to be aware of for your security and people around you. The main question is what self-defence is?

Self-defence is a technique adopted by people for being able to save themselves from other folks who try to harm them physically. The need for defence has raised over the years because of an increase in the crime rate. The people are more frustrated, due to which they try to impose superiority on others by harming them. To get rid of these bullies from people here is a guide for you to get some knowledge about the main focal points of a person. The ability to stand against everyone is a unique quality.

There are sensitive points in the human body which are also known as pressure points. These points, when hit with little force, can cause a considerable amount of damage to your enemy or sometimes can also cause permanent disability. Care is also necessary when trying to defend yourself; otherwise, it may result in the death of the other person.

What are the pressure points?

The most sensitive components of the human body are eyes, nose, jaw, and groin. These points are readily available and need no technique to pinpoint. Every pressure point has a different effect on the body, so the tricks of defending vary from situation to situation. If someone has strangled you with his arms, then you need not target his legs, but you need to be aware of the part that needs to be hit to free you from his catch.


Firstly, if we talk about the eyes, a person has the power to see with these, which is a great asset of the human body. When hitting with little force, a person can get blinded for a couple of minutes. It will give you some time to escape from his grip or fight scene. If you are not a fan of running away, then it can give you the advantage to hit the person continuously.


Secondly, target the jaws because when blown, it will cause another person to lose consciousness and it also shakes the brain if the head is turned sharply. So, when you get a chance to target the face, take it.


When someone has strangled you with his arms, and you want him to lose the grip, then you need to hit on the biceps, the part that is located above shoulders towards the arm. This will cause paralysis on the arm for a short period, that will force him to lose his grip.

Brachial Plexus

It is the point that joins the shoulder with the chest. For causing a numb sensation, which can give a lot of hand pain, you need to hit this part a little hard. There is a fair chance that you may damage his collar bone during this process. The immediate effect it causes is shock and nausea.


There are multiple nerve endings in hand, and if you press the area in between the fingers, it will weaken the opponent’s grip.

Tibialis Anterior muscle

A hit to the muscle can make the person unable to stand on its limb. He will fall immediately due to severe damage that is being caused to the blood vessels.

Is it necessary to focus on these points?

Yes, it is very important to remember and to have information about these points, because sometimes you cannot defeat your enemy with your power, but if your strength is allocated wisely in the right direction, then it will make a great difference to the result. Suppose you have a physical clash with someone who is double of you, it is difficult to knock him down. Surprisingly the main thing that can give victory is to focus on these vulnerable parts that can pinch him down without even using more power and strength.

The joints can also be attacked, which can fracture the part easily. There are almost 350+ pressure points in the human body. These points are mostly used by martial artists in Kung Fu and Karate for self-defence purposes. Mostly pressure points are located near the joints, and other names of pressure points are Touch, Rub and, Strike points.

Self-defence is not only the strategy adopted by healthy people, but it is a professional technique used by fighters and boxers for survival in the ring. The one who is unable to protect in the arena is worthless. These points are well-known by the professionals that make full use out of it. A proper and sound blow is also necessary to get into action. It has some advantages as well that are listed below

  • It gives you confidence
  • Self-protection becomes easy
  • Superiority over others
  • You become a warrior

Learning the defensive technique is an easy task; it will not take much effort, time, or money. Awareness is the basic rule of resistance. Self-defence through martial arts focuses on strike points that can teach us the methods of resistance from the armored enemy e-g, from the knife or something sharp. It is becoming a necessity for everyone in this independently growing era to lean some tricks to counter the other bigger person who tries to bully you or do some physical harm. The people now want to be a separate entity, who do their all work alone. So protection is much more important today. Here is your guide to pressure points for self-defence.

Note: It is always perceived that physical harm to other person is not a good thing and considered as a crime. So, it is always better to ignore these circumstances under any situation until the only choice you are left with is self-defence. Moreover, in other cases of robbery, the resistance through self-defence techniques are considered legal, and the person will not be penalized. recommends Fight4Family Guide to help with your Self Defence. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!